Twin Tails

ADOPTED AND TOGETHER!'s funny how things come about sometimes.

A woman who had contacted Corgi Connection of Kansas previously about taking her corgi spotted the "Tail Twins" at her veterinarian clinic in Oklahoma and contacted CCK again about the 2 young pups.

The "story" CCK was told was a woman had found the 2 pups and had tried to find an owner for some time without avail. So....she took them to this veterinary clinic and gave the vet money to have both dogs put to sleep.

Lucky for them the vet would not euthanize the siblings and Corgi Connection was notified before the vet even had a chance to do anything with them.

Guesstimated to be about a year old; we decided not to name them because we didn't anticipate having them long enough to even get used to names and new owners might re-name them. So we have been calling them Sissy and Brother.

Almost immediately we had interest in them and by someone who was going to adopt them TOGETHER. Unfortunately that person had some bad news and is not able to take these 2 darling corgis with their tails.

Sissy is the more outgoing of the two - go figure! Even though she had a pretty rough time at the first. Her spay, done at the clinic where they were dropped off, was done poorly and she wasn't healing. So one of CCK's regular vets did another surgery to make sure there were no complications inside and made sure her new incision was done properly. That was about 3 weeks ago and we are happy to report Sissy is doing just fine and fully recovered from her ordeal.

Brother was neutered and thankfully has had no complications.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, both pups were keeping company with an older female corgi, Fawn, who has since been adopted. The pups showed the former puppy mill girl a thing or too about how nice people can be and what fun it can be to get treats!

Brother is quite dependent on his sister. While she was in the hospital, CCK fosters, Chris and Holly, report he just kind of moped around. Once Sissy was back and got the cone of shame off, there was a lot of play time to catch up on.

Both dogs are still learning a lot. They are pretty well house-trained but lil' Brother will sometimes kind of pee in fear. He is improving! They are both sweethearts and ready to take on the world.

They need a yard to chase squirrels, chase each other and chase falling leaves. If they can't be adopted together we prefer they go to a home with at least 1 younger dog so they will have a playmate. They are current on vaccinations; on heart-worm prevent, micro-chipped and ready for a furr-ever home.



Lil Boy













Sissy cone



lil boy coming at you