After having 6 puppies, Holly went to her furr-ever home before all the puppies were weaned. She is now the sole owner of a wonderful woman from whom she gets all the attention. It's all fun and games for this girl; no more puppies. At only 2 years of age, she had a lot of play time to catch up on.

Holly was given to Corgi Connection of Kansas the last part of June by her owner who had gotten her from someone else not too long before than. She was pregnant when CCK got her. THE PUPPIES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION FOR AT LEAST 8 WEEKS which is also the second week of September! They will be listed separately.

We believe Holly has been bred before, but not any more. She had to have this litter of puppies by a C-section and she was spayed after the delivery. So now Holly gets the chance to be a pup her as she is only 2 years old!

We don't know a lot about Holly since she was pregnant when we got her. She is a very sweet dog; a little shy at first but quickly warms up. She is also a very petite dog; especially since she's had those puppies. We were told by the owner she had a hard time house-training her. We are not sure if she is house-trained or not but hope to find out after the next several weeks. Holly does well with other dogs.