Max and Teddy

Max along with a female corig was turned in to a shelter Columbus, KS. The shelter was told by the owners they were moving and couldn't take their pets. The female was rescued quickly, but Max stayed for some time before finally making it to Corgi Connection.
When he arrived he was timid, untrained and showed very little emotion. CCK suspects Max was left outside his whole life only to be bred occasionally and only given little if any affection. After more than 3 months in foster care; a little bit of Max's personality began to emerge. It was subtle but so sweet. Even his meek personalilty and lack of training didn't deter his forever family from wanting him to join their home in Durham, N.C. Getting Max to his forever home was a lot more difficult than getting him out of the shelter howevr.
Due to poor weather and airline complications this spring, Max had 2 flight cancellations. Determined to bring this sweet boy home, his adopters flew to St. Louis, MO., where Corgi Connection met them and off they went in a rented car headed back to North Carolina. Max is reported to be adjusting well and getting used to his new buddy - Teddy - a collie-corgi-mix.