Sadie - Special Needs in a Special Home Now


Sadie was adopted by a woman who has corgi experienced. We hope they are settling in with each other well.
In May I was contacted about a female pem found as a stray in the Kansas City area. Sadie was in quite poor shape and of course no one came forward to claim her. It turns out she has congestive heart failure ; some arthritis and perhaps some mild hearing and vision problems.
Her medical care was paid for but Corgi Connection was unable to take her in to its rescue. Carla who lives in the Kansas City area took her as her own. Well Carla's job is changing and she is going to be on the road quite a bit and in and out of hotels. Sadie needs a home and soon!
Sadie is far from dead but does need care. This is what Carla has to say about her:
She is a peppy little thing....with her arthritis she hops when she gets excited, wants to play, run or get your attention to go outside. She does go up and down the steps a few times a day, but I give her a helping hand 50% of the time. She is on medication for her heart.
Sadie is very playful with my male pem. She likes her toys and an occasional chewy treat. She gets to visit the couch in the evening and most of all loves a good head scratch. She likes her kennel at night and while I'm at work. She has no problems with breathing at this time