Ruby - now Roo - living large in Texas

Still damn cute
Roo and Allison
 Roo and Danny

March 2011: Unless there's an adoption in the immediate area, Corgi Connection of Kansas rarely gets to see the dogs it rescues after adoption. However this month CCK got to see one of its first rescues when Roo made the trip to Kansas and added to her familywith the adoption of Danny!
We saw a much more confident little girl who has taken charge in her household according to owner, Alison. And what's even better is she now has another corgi in her family who was also a former puppy mill worker. Roo can show Danny what it's like to be a pet and not a piece of property!
Ruby was one of Corgi Connection's first rescues and the word rescue really fits her story.
She was taken from an unlicensed breeder in Missouri and made her way to Kansas with Corgi Connection in November 2009. She was placed with a terrific foster who spent countless hours working with Ruby. Even at a young age we believe Ruby had been bred because of her petite size (17-18 pounds) and spent most of her life in a wire crate. She was terrified of EVERYTHING!
She would of much preferred to have spent her day in a crate with no interaction. Slowly with the work of her fosters Ruby's personality began to immerge.
After staying with her first foster mom for almost 4 months we felt is was time for Ruby to be around other pets and learn how to behave like a dog. Two more months and we finally felt Ruby was ready to be permanently placed.
Ruby now makes her home in Texas with a Papillion-mix and Corgi-mix. We couldn't be more proud of Ruby's progress and only expect her to continue on her journey as she recovers from her early experiences.
This is what Ruby's new family has to say about her:
she is most DEFINITELY a cuddler. she takes every opportunity she can find to crawl onto my lap for rubs and snuggles.
she had another bath yesterday after a romp through the mud with the other dogs. she is so patient and easy to bathe! after the bath, she didn't want to leave the bathroom--maybe it was all of the towel rubbing!
You go girl!