Percy (a.k.a. Peter) - Coming out of his shell!

 Percy and Thea

Here's the latest news on Percy: Just wanted to let you know that today, for the first time, Percy played with a squeaky ball!!! I was so proud of my little man. He has settled in very nicely at our home and loves hanging out with all my vet school friend's dogs. I have discovered a dog park in town at Fairmont park and he loves to go there and meet new friends! Peter was adopted through a rescue and for reasons unknown returned. Corgi Connection was asked to take the shy young dog and put him in foster-care. After some great fostering, Peter began to come around. While still a little shy, he has progressed. Here's what Peter's (Percy's) new owner had to say about him after his first day: He was pretty timid all day, only coming to us if we were sitting down on the floor with him and he doesn't seem that interested in any of the toys we got him. He ate his dinner at 7:30 and seemed perfectly content after that. So far we haven't found a treat he doesn't like. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood and he loved it! At bedtime I set up his crate, since you said that was how he was sleeping at the foster house and I thought he would be more comfortable that way. He is still not quite sure what to make of Thea (my cat) every time he lays down she will walk over to him and he will get up and move somewhere else. I think she has herded him around the whole house by now. LOL. That was another reason I put up the crate, I wanted him to have his own space so he could get some rest after his long stressful day. I gave him a bone to chew on and he loved it. When I got up this morning for feeding time at 7:30 he had chewed up a quarter of it already.

This morning he seems much more comfortable. He and Thea have been running around the house playing together and he was rolling around on the floor giving himself a nice back scratch when we got back from our walk. I even got him to do a play bow while we ran around the back yard to get some energy out before the rain comes. This handsome boy's future looks bright!