Chloe - From Missouri Stray to Colorado Safe!

Chloe and Finian

Chloe didn't spend a long time in Corgi Connection's rescue. She was quickly adopted and is making her new home in
Colorado where she will enjoy hikes with her new buddy, Finian.
Chloe spent a month of valuable puppy time in a shelter and has some making up to do which we're sure her "mom" will do. At just about 10 months of age, we're sure she'll make the best of it!
Here what Chloe's new owner has to say about her:
Chloe is doing great! Can't remember life before she came home. She sleeps with me on the bed each night.
I took the dogs hiking this morning and she loves it. She runs with the bikers when they go by and I just have to wait for her to come back - which she always does. She tried to herd a few horses that were being ridden on the trail but eventually saw the futility in that :-)

Congratulations to Chloe and Christy!