Cindy - Now Pie - ADOPTED!

Stairway to Heaven Pie
Handy Pie

Pie-Pie as she is often called now, was dumped in the country and found her way to a caring individual who contacted Corgi Connection to take her in to rescue.
Pie found a great couple who have given her a furr-ever home along with their 2 other dogs. She has a nice fenced yard to play in and a doggie door to come in and out as she pleases.
Pie's owners continue to find new and exciting things about this little girl. Her latest feat is overseeing renovations at their house.
Here's the latest from her owners:
This dog is so damn cute! Even Greg can't stop snuggling on her.
We are getting better at leash training. The floor is finished and Pie has inspected it. We have not tested it for FRAPing. It needs a week to cure first. I bet she will look like she is playing roller derby when she first FRAPs in that room.
The new game is for me to make scratching sounds with my fingers under the covers and she chases the sound around across the bed. She is still very mouthy and this allows us to play without ouches.