ray riding in car
 ray couch

Ray came to Corgi Connection through a shelter where he was turned in as a stray. No one claimed him which is hard to believe. He developed kennel cough which turned in to pneumonia and spent several days in the "hospital." The shelter was not able to pay for his treatment so Corgi Connection committed to seeing him through his illness.

Here's a little more about Ray and his life now in his own words:
My name is Ray. My mom also calls me RayRay and Bear. I pretty much listen to her whenever she has cookies or a ball. I like to chase that ball. I live with my brothers and sisters in a nice house with lots of things to do. My little sister Macy and my big brothers Mac and Tucker are Corgis like me. Mom says that Mac and I look just alike but I don't see it. I am much more handsome than him. My big sister Emily is a Lab which is a tall dog with this thing called a tail. I play with them all them time. We like to play ball and chase each other in the backyard. When I get tired I can get on the couch and sleep. I like to dig in the trash cans for paper but mom says that is yucky. My mom takes me in the car and we get to go on walks. Sometimes I get to go by myself but most of the time either Mac or Macy gets to go too. I got to go mom is coming home soon and then we get to eat dinner and play ball outside. Maybe this time I will get the ball before Macy.

Ray's "Mom" also reports the following: The one of him in the car is how he rides. He really likes to be next to me and props himself up on the seat so he can be right there.