Soctty Nov. 2010c

We are sad to report Scotty wentover the rainbow bridge in 2013 due to illnes from cancer. He will always be a special boy in CCK's heart

Scotty was one of Corgi Connection's first rescues and adoptions so he will always hold a special place in our heart.
Scotty, who is a little older, about 5 when we got him, was turned in by his owner for "issues." Well, he did have a few issues but one of our great foster homes was able to work on those issues and improve his attitude.
As long as Scotty is fetching a ball he is perfectly happy! But he did learn to cuddle a little with his foster mom and really does enjoy "his people."
Scotty was adopted by a young couple in the Cleveland area. Getting him there was our first out of state adoption. After 2+ days in a semi-trailer with some other rescues, Scotty arrived safely. It took him some time to adjust but after 6 months this is what his family has to say:
"Scotty is doing fine...he acts as if he is 2 years old...he has so much energy."
Keep up the good work Scotty!