Hendrix - formerly Beau

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A call from the State of Kansas brought Hendrix (formerly known as Beau) to Corgi Connection. Hendrix was taken from a breeder.
He was timid and you could tell he hadn't been given a lot of attention as the bottom picture shows.
Corgi Connection was lucky to be contacted by Nick and Erin who had been reading up about corgis and wanted to know about adopting Hendrix. It started out to be a foster situation but it didn't take them long to fall in love with the little guy.
Hendrix was joined by a Corgi Connection brother in the fallof 2010 - Boomer. The two are great buds and keep Nick and ERin on their toes.
All and all we have been very happy with the transition from one to two dogs. Having two dogs has been a lot of fun. We look forward to getting together again with you this summer to show them off to everybody
Hendrix learned about going outside to do his "business" and going for walks and that people aren't too scarey. He loves other dogs and likes to visit friends.
He continues to gain confidence and become more corgi-like as he appears in the second picture.

Keep up the good work Nick and Erin! You too Hendrix.