Norm - now known as Einstein "Ein"


Another stray finds a wonderful home story sums it up for Norman. That's right, this beautiful boy was picked up as a stray in Kansas and taken to a vet clinic which also serves as the "shelter" for the county. No one every came forward to claim him so Corgi Connection took him in and put him in foster care with a terrific couple who have a corgi-mix, Daisy.
Norman wasn't house-trained and didn't know how to play much with other dogs, but Daisy quickly helped out with that and his fosters worked on the house-training part. Norman was re-named Ein and this is what is new family reports about him:
"Ein is doing wonderful. He plays with the dachshund all the time, they are best buds. She can’t get underneath him like she does to the taller dogs so it’s more of a fair ‘fight.’ He really wants to please us and sometimes gets nervous if he isn’t given instruction. He calms right down if you show him where to sit or lay though. He’s incredible with learning tricks. He’s got sit, stay, lay down, & up down pat. We’re working on play dead. He’s just a pleasure to be around - always happy, usually smiling. He settles into his crate at night. We’ve actually been leaving him out when we go on short errands. He hasn’t gotten into anything he isn’t allowed. Although, we came home this weekend to find him on the back of the couch, wagging his stub/butt as though that is the normal place for a dog to hang out. We’ve been walking more and playing out doors since the weather is finally getting nice. "
Way to go Ein!