Penny - From Country Stray to East Coast Girl

 Clyde and Penny

Penny's story starts in Western Nebraska and gets a second start in Massachusetts after a stay in Kansas.
There was A LOT of interest in Penny. She has a contagious personalilty and just about the cutest looks anyone could want in a Corgi along with being so petite.
Corgi Connection was contacted by another rescuer about a Corgi that a family in Western Nebraska had taken in but couldn't find an owner for. Other rescues were full and the family couldn't keep her.
Inquiries about Penny were bountiful. However, a couple in Bellerica, Mass. seemed the most determined to add this young girl to their family. Having recently lost a Corgi, their male Corgi, Clyde, seemed to be lonely and they missed having 2 Corgis. After much talking back and forth, Corgi Connection was able to arrange for a home visit by a fellow rescuer in the area and Penny's new family was approved for adoption.
Her travels to the Boston area weren't smooth by any means but life for this little stray has been paved since with a loving family and a Corgi buddy!
Here's the latest Penny's family has to say about her:
She is doing great. She is such a lover dog, but still has a little wild streak in her. We think that when she was rescued, she was probably only 7 or 8 months old. She loves to run and just loves other dogs, (people too!) Right now she is laying at my feet. The closer the better!
She has put on weight, filled out nicely. It took awhile, but she looks great. We think she has grown as well, that's why we think she was quite young when she came to live with us.
Clyde loves her and she him. They are best pals. The best thing we did for Clyde was to bring Penny into our lives.