Stanley - My Middle Name is "Whatta Cutie!"

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Stanley Hallowween

Stanley was picked up as a stray in Missouri and brought to a "less than ideal" animal shelter. He was listed on Petfinder as a "Fluffy Corgi," but to be quite honest, we don't know what Stanley is except contagious. Everywhere he goes people just LOVE this little guy who's always smiling and ready for your attention.
Stanley's pictures from the animal shelter showed a depressed-looking timid little guy. Once we pulled him from the shelter and got him in to Corgi Connection, there was a visible difference in his looks. Stanley needed some veterinarian services and thanks to Corgi Aid we were able to get everything done for him we needed.
Before we couldn't even get Stanley listed for adoption we had inquiries about him from his picture on CorgiAid. He was an immediate favorite.
Corgi Connection selected a wonderful couple in Madison, WI., to adopt him. They had recently lost their Corgi, Gwennie and we feel Stanley has helped fill the void in their hearts.
Adopting a dog sight-unseen can be scarey, but this couple just knew Stanley would fit in their lives; so much so they drove from Madison to Corgi Connection to meet Stanley and take him home!
Here's the latest from Stanley's family:
"Last night he “graduated” from beginning training. He did a very good job as he is very food motivated. He also endeared himself to everyone, both human and canine. One night, one of the “parents” scooped him up and pretended to sneak out the door with him.
We also hosted our gourmet group last Saturday and he was a perfect gentleman the entire time. One couple, who lost their elderly Brittany about the same time we lost our Gwennie, has volunteered to keep Stanley when we travel. I thanked them for their offer and reminded them they will have to give him back when we return!
We’re really having a lot of fun with Stanley. Thank you for saving him for us."