Special listing: Daisy and Dolly - ADOPTED!


Daisy and Dolly were adopted together!!!!!
Daisy and Dolly are sisters that were surrendered from the same breeder as Sparky, Jackson and all the others. Luckily they were not pregnant at the time and don't have to worry about that any more. They were born Nov. 15, 2005
These 2 darlings were cared for by Clare and her family in the Fort Worth, TX area. They wanted the girls to stay together and they succeeded. This is what Clare had to say about Daisy and Dolly:
When we got them they were afraid of everything and not sure at all of how we would treat them. Now, they have really opened up, love attention, love giving kisses and just want you to pay attention to them. They... love kids and other dogs (although Daisy can be a little bossy towards other dogs). Our 2 year old daughter loves them and they haven't shown any aggression towards her. They are just wonderful dogs who deserve a happy home. They have been indoors most of the time, but do go outside to use the bathroom. These two girls do need to be adopted together. They have been through a lot and they depend on each other.
Dolly really depends on Daisy and won't do anything unless Daisy does it.
Dolly is still guiding the way for Daisy!