Daisy- now Tipper - ADOPTED!


We just knew someone would see the beauty in this corgi-heeler mix and take her in to their home. Well Caitlin and Matt saw her and they even have her "sister" - Mu, also a heeler-mix!
Tipper and Mu fill the house with EARS! There's also a brother, Murphy, who puts up with the 2 girls now.
Here's the latest on Tipper with her new family:
She is doing fabulous!! Me and Tipper had our last beginner's obedience class last night and not only did we pass, we got the TOP SCORE!! I am so incredibly proud of her! We'll probably wait a little bit to take the next class so I can work on her focus a bit more, but she did really great in class. I think it really helped us develop our relationship. The trainers there want me to take her up to the agility classes because she's so drivey and I'm definitely going to try. I think that would be a ton of fun and it's something I was planning on doing with Mu also.

Other than that we've just been doing the usual. The girls started getting snarky over some resources in the house (mainly tug toys and Matt and I) but we removed everything that was a problem and now we're slowly re-introducing them. They're doing a lot better now and I think it was mostly just Tipper seeing where exactly she fit into the household. They still play tug together and Mu will chase Tipper around the yard all the time. I came downstairs the other day to find all three of them curled into balls on the sofa....and thirty minutes later Tipper was snuggled up against Murphy's butt very contentedly and he had this look on his face like "The THINGS I put up with." LOL.
Tipper was slated to be put to sleep in a small animal shelter because of overcrowding. Corgi Connection agreed to take her and found out she had roundworms and hookworms. She has been treated and now just needs to put on a little weight.