Sadie - ADOPTED!

Sadie feb 2010
Sadie oct 2010
Sadie dec 2010 

This beautiful 1-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Sadie. She was surrendered by a breeder along with 6 other dogs and was pregnant at the time. She was born 6-1-2009 and that was her first and LAST litter.
She is now living the good life in San Francisco with her new best friend - Harry (upside down in top photo). Thanks Amy and Nanette for your determination to bring this wonderful dog in to your lives!
Thank you everyone for all the interest in this special girl. Her lone pup, Turbo, has also been adopted and will be living in San Diego! Thanks Karen.
Here's a note about Sadie from her new people:
(March 2011) Have I mentioned we love Sadie through and through?
Today is rainy and she is not a big fan. Harry is an all weather boy. But Sadie walks along looking up at us and blinking in the rain drops. Could just eat her.
We are working on her annual employee review and she exceeds expectations in every category.
Her initial report:
We are closing in on the hour we will have been with Sadie for one week. Here is what she has accomplished in that time:

  1. She reconnected us with our friends in LA who had us stay with them when we picked her up. We were all having so much fun with Sadie we stayed the weekend. And we are all invited to be back there for Thanksgiving and look forward to it.
  2. She has connected with our Corgi Harry in ways that exceed our wildest dreams. They play and play and are always near each other.
  3. She has won the heart of each of our friends and neighbors here. She is not a barker, but she has a voice. She is incredibly sweet to everyone.
  4. She has reminded us what puppyhood is like with her exuberance and joyous leaping which makes us smile. She has her toys strewn everywhere.
  5. She is never far from us, she and Harry and Mitts are always stationed by us. When we relax and watch TV at night she is on Amy's lap. We had not realized we were missing something until we realized she completes the picture. It is amazing that she has been with us only one week. I have no idea how we lived without her.

And here we thought we were rescuing her.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Amy and Nanette!