Jackson - Found a Home!


Jackson is going to stay right where he's been the past few months - with his foster; now owner Dawn and her 2 other corgis and labrador!
Jackson does so well with Dawn's gang and seems to fit in just like he belonged there!
Thanks Dawn for opening your heart to this boy!

Jackson is another of the 7 dogs surrendered by a breeder to Corgi Connection. What a pleasant surprise he's turned out to be!

Jackson just turned 4 on July 26 and his birthday present was to get out of the breeding situation and be a spoiled corgi! He is experiencing so many new things with foster mom Dawn and her gang.

He's learning to be a good boy inside; play with other dogs; enjoy people and life in general! He's even had a couple of short FRAPs - surprising himself as well as his foster mom!

He loves to go places and while he can still be skittish at times he's gaining more confidence every day.