Rookie - a Stray Cardigan - Bound for Agility!



As I type this the night of Sept. 11, Rookie is on his way home to Wisconsin! Rookie's new owner drove all the way from Wisconsin to Kansas to get this special guy and he has 2 corgi siblings - Sierria and Auggie. Both are Pembrokes Corgis and Joyce is active in agility. Rookie will be introduced to the sport of agility and we're hoping for great things out of him!
Nevertheless, Joyce immediately took to Rookie and CCK thanks her for taking in a rescue to work with. CCK also thanks Sarah, Rookie's foster mom who kept him safe, happy and healthy until he found his forever home. Thank bunches! This was Sarah's first foster and she's turned out to be a great asset to CCK.
Check back for progress on Rookie's new career!
There is much debate about this boy on the Corgi rescue pages as to whether or not he is a Cardigan Corgi or a Corgi-mix. Corgi Connection had a Cardigan Corgi "person" look at Rookie and she believes he is indeed from the Cardigan family.
The majority believe he is a Cardigan but he's just not as bulky as most Cardigans. Remember: purebred does not mean well-bred.
Since he was picked up as a stray no one will every know, not even Rookie, but he's a happy boy anyway!
He loves his play time and he likes to cuddle. He is probably about a year old, so he's full of energy.