Jackson - A Young Stray from Oklahoma - ADOPTED!


Jackson was turnd in to a shelter in Oklahoma as a stray. With the help of Corgi Connection's Faiery Corgi Furio and Cooper, Jackson was rescued from the shelter and brought to Kansas. It only took a short time for Jackson to catch the eye of Becky, Gregg and family who were looking for a buddy for their corgi-mix, Oreo. He had recently lost his buddy and Becky felt he needed a new friend.
A little more than 24 hours after filling out the application Jackson was making his way around their yard and home. After being welcomed by Oreo, Jackson is now officially a resident of Topeka, KS.
Thank you Becky, Gregg and family for opening your home and hearts to a dog that once didn't have a home!
Jackson and Oreo are still getting to know each other but early reports are promising the two will become buddies. 
Your journey is over Jackson - you are home!.