Sammie - Little Lost Dog now in Big TEXAS! ADOPTED!

Sammie and family
 Santa Sammie 2010

Sammie was picked up as a stray in the far southwest corner of Kansas, 4 hours from Corgi Connection of Kansas. Very thin, Sammie was diagnosed with a couple of different worms and was immediately treated. Thank goodness he was heartworm negative.
Sammie quickly blossomed once he was in foster care and immediately caught the attention of Chris and Melaine of Athens, TX. Melanie knew the minute she saw Sammie that he would fit their family. So much so that they were willing to drive to Kansas and get the new addition to their family.
So far the report is excellent:
He is WONDERFUL!!!!! The girls were SO SURPRISED!!!! He did great traveling and last night at the house. He hasn't made a sound. Has been quiet as a mouse and very calm. The girls can't wait to play outside with him today. THANK YOU!!!
He went on a car ride today. He did fine!!! He went with us to pick the girls up from school and stop by the vet to weigh. He was almost 23lbs. More running and playing.

Thank you Chris and Melanie for opening your hearts and home to a rescue dog and a big thanks to Chelsea and Daniel who fostered Sammie, housetrained him and taught him manners.