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Please understand our primary concern is for the welfare of the dog. If you haven't done so already please read through the breed information found on this site. Corgis have wonderful traits and if placed in the right environment can give you great joy through their life.

Placing the right dog in the right home is something we take very serious. It is the cornerstone of a successful relationship between the dog and owner. A Corgi has specific breed requirements but no two Corgis are the same. We individually review each dog and match to each application. Consideration is given to homes with fenced yards as Corgis need exercise. This doesn't mean we won't consider an applicant who lives in an apartment or condominium it just means we will want to know more about your lifestyle. We will consider the amount of time your family is away from home whether for work or play. Will the dog be allowed to join you on family outings or will they be required to be left at home or in a kennel.

Corgi Connection of Kansas DOES adopt out of state but we will NOT fly our dogs unless they can fly passenger. Transport is the responsibilty of the adopter with CCK approval. 

A Corgi must be given a home as an inside family member and we will not even consider homes for a dog that will be kept outside. Additionally, if you work more than 6 hours a day on a regular basis and can not come home at some point during the day to let your dog out, we will not consider your application.

The dogs we rescue come from a variety of situations...shelters, owner surrenders, abandoned due to owner death etc. Each of the Corgis in our care will be kept with our foster families. During this time they are assessed for their temperament and a good permanent family match can be made. We address any health concerns or issues that may arise and begin a healthy program with proper nutrition, preventative flea and heartworm care, grooming, and bring them current on all required vaccinations. Rescue dogs have lots of love and companionship. In return they just want affection, love, and care for their remaining years. In the end you will have the satisfaction knowing you saved a dog.

We do not have a shelter. Our whole organization is made up of volunteer foster homes. We have dogs in foster homes all over the state. It is not possible to go to a shelter to view all of our dogs. Our dogs are listed in the available for adoption section of this web site and on We will not place aggressive dogs or known biters but realize that some dogs do have "issues." We will always try to make you aware of any known "issues" prior to adopting a dog.


When filling out the adoption application please make certain your e-mail address is properly entered. If it is incorrect we will not reply to your application any other way.

Also, please check your "spam" folder if you have not received a reply within 4-6 days. Because our e-mail is web-based, replies sometimes end up in "spam" folders.

To fill out an adoption application click here.