Raider - Recovered and making himself at home


UPDATE: Raider went to his new home Nov. 5 but not before making a final impression on The Daily Corgi where he won the Halloween costume contest. Thank you Jim, Paula and Thumper for welcoming Raider into your home.
Here's Raider's first report from his new family: What a great dog. He is fitting in very well. We give Thumper dental treats and Raider has discovered the container they are kept in so now he comes up to the container and does his little sitting on his hind legs and begging routine to get one. He sleeps very well in bed and has been for a walk around the new neighborhood.
We have gone off and left both he and Thumper with the run of the house for several hours at a time and no problems. He is still getting use to the fenced back yard and the neighbor hood dogs barking but he does has a voice.
I will keep sending you updates and thanks again, he is what were looking for.
Raider had surgery Sept. 24 and the leg wrap was removed Oct. 1. All indications are the lump was a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor. It was rather involved with the structure of his leg, but the veterinarian believed he was able to remove the entire tumor. The mass was sent off for testing at Kansas State University and came back as a fatty tumor.
Corgi Connection was contacted by a couple a few months ago about their 8-year old Pembroke male corgi, Raider. Seems Raider has taken a disliking to their 3 year old son and they fear for the child's safety AND Raider's happiness.
Raider had a lump appear on his leg a while back and the couple had the lump removed. It has grown back and about this time I was contacted about trying to find a new home for the dog after the couple got the dog medically treated. She told me the vet said amputation would be the least expensive option and they were going to have it done when they had enough money saved up and then try to find him a new home. I asked the woman if she would put that off and consider sending me Raider's medical records so that I might get another opinion and see if we could avoid amputating Raider's right hind leg AND get his medical expenses paid for while trying to find him a new home.