Little Leo - the lone survivor


The latest on Leo (Dec. 2010):
He is doing great and having lots of fun playing with his big brother Simba. They are like two peas in a pod. Leo follows him around and does everything he does. He had his 3-month check up with the heart surgeon, who says he is doing great. An ultrasound revealed that his kidneys have an abnormal architecture, which may be renal dysplasia. From what I've read that is pretty serious, but I'm just going to take each day as it comes with the little guy and give him lots of love. He has no symptoms right now, but please remember him in your prayers. He is a very happy boy. Here are a few recent pictures. (bottom photo) I wish I could get a good one of him standing so you could see how long he is! He's probably about 20 pounds now in weight, but very trim. I love him so much!!!
As many have read, a breeder surrendered seven pembroke welsh Corgis to Corgi Connection in June. The breeder stated he no longer wanted to breed Corgis, but he was going to continue with other breeds.
Of the 7 dogs - 5 females and 2 males - 2 of the females were pregnant. A gracious Corgi rescuer in Wichita, KS took one of the pregnant dogs who delivered 7 pups; 6 of which survived.
The other female, Sadie (see below for her adoption) wasn't even a year old when she was bred. However it was still a surprise when she delivered 4 puppies less than a week after getting her from the breeder who said they wouldn't be due until sometime in July!
Of the 4 puppies, only one survived - Leo. While it was speculated the rest of the puppies probably had heart defects, Leo seemed to be a happy healthy boy. So much so he was adopted by a woman in San Diego. Upon taking Leo to her local veterinary it was discovered Leo had a heart defect also. That was the bad news, the good news was the vet felt it was very correctable and would give Leo and normal, healthy life.
Karen, who adopted Leo, didn't think twice about having the life-saving surgery done for Leo who has since recovered and is a normal 4+ month old Corgi.
Karen has such a big heart. She went through quite a bit to get Leo and yet had to go through even more to keep him.
Corgi Connection is indebted to Karen's love of the breed and her willingness to ensure Leo's health and happiness.
Thanks Karen and puppy hugs to Leo!