Ivan - Abandoned No Longer - Adopted!


Ivan has found a home where he is loved and needed. Rebecca and Cameron have an older dog, Bailiwick who is going blind. They wanted another dog to perhaps keep Bailiwick active AND help her. It seems, despite Ivan's youth, he understands Bailiwick has special needs and respects her. He's even learning to give space to their special needs cat - Kiwi! Keep up the good work Ivan. You're a doll.
Here's the latest on Ivan who has become somewhat of a protector it seems:
I don't know if Ivan had ever seen snow before, but the two times it has snowed, he just goes nuts! The first snow fall was absolutely comical because he kept bouncing around and looking at the ground. hen we started to play ball. Well instead of leaping over the snow drifts, muscle man Ivan was trying to plow right through them, and he was having a blast. He started to eat it when he noticed Bailiwick licking the snow. The second snow fall produced just as much fun for Ivan, but with a new twist...Ice...He has landed on his rump so many times, but he keeps trying to get up and run across a sheet of ice. Its like watching Bambi.
Ivan has made a friend in the neighbors dog. Aspen and Ivan have had a few play dates, and now with school starting, I spoke with Aspens owner (and my friend) about having Ivan come down and play on nice days in their fenced in yard. It won't be everyday, but at least he won't have to be in the house as much.
On Saturday I was walking Ivan and Bailiwick together, it wasn't late around 2030 but already the coyotes were out, which is really kinda early, I usually hear them around 10 or 11. So anyway we're on the way back, the coyotes have started howling and they sounded... real close. Ivan went into protect mode. Instead of being at the end of his leash (as normal), he stayed right by my side, his fur was standing up and he was showing teeth and growling, not growling as in hey you want to play, but as in I'll rip someone's head off if they get closer. He tripped me up a few times so I tried to step around him, but he wouldn't let me, he wanted to stay out in front of me, but close to me. Which I thought was kinda neat, but scary too. We got back to the house all safe and sound, but the coyotes were in the field behind the house, and having a howling heyday. Ivan was still in protective mode. Wherever I was in the house he followed, and on occasion, when the howling got a too wild he would go to the sliding back door and bark and growl. We went to bed, around 10 and the coyotes continued until about 2 or 3 am. But during that entire time, Ivan was on the bed with me sitting up, ears at full alert and growling. I woke up around 3 and he had finally laid down, but was facing the window, and was nearly laying on top of me. He slept alot on Sunday, but I just thought that was so neat, that he would do that.
Ivan was reported to be a purebred Corgi, but obviously that's not the case. However, he is proving to be a great dog.
His story is that his young owners moved and asked mom to take him...mom said no...owners dumped him in her yard and took off...mom wouldn't take care of him or feed him...he went to a neighbors house who happens to volunteer with me .... she said her dogs almost killed him...had the poor boy upside down when she came outside...she called me and asked if I could help get him a home....she said she talked to the mom and mom does not want him around ... final....
We are so grateful Rebecca and Cameron opened their home and hearts to Ivan!