Daisy - At Home in Houston

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Daisy had a VERY Happy Thanksgiving because she was adopted!
After kind of a rough start in her young life, being re-home twice and ending up at a shelter, Daisy is living the high life in Houston, TX. She has a big brother now, Toby, who she seems quit patient with given his age.
Daisy's owners, Gail and Nick and their son, Nathan, made the drive to Kansas to get this gorgeous girl.
Here's the report on Daisy just after a couple of days:
She is totally fine - and making us laugh often. last night she discovered ice - I had put some in dogs water dish - when she came back to kitchen from a drink she had a cube in her mouth - when she dropped it, slid on the tile floor and she ran after it - then chewed it - and seemed to like the crunchy feeling. went back for two more cubes and ran up the stairs a few steps to her chosen perch to chomp away on the ice. hilarious - I can't think how it could hurt her.
She and Toby are touching noses now and then. and she has seriously decided she is a lap and sofa dog.
Nathan and she walked 2 miles yesterday - she seemed tired but also very happy. no accidents and very good on the leash for all three of us. the trip down was long for her - actually for all of us - but she seems very settled in at this point - after less than two days