Darling Dharma has a new home for the holidays!

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This little girl drew lots of attention when she got posted on Petfinder and she will continue to get it in her new home in Omaha, NE with Kit and Meghan.
Darling Dharma. That best describes this sweet little girl. Just a year old, Dharma was purchased from a breeder in March 2010. The owner quickly found out that having a dog costs money AND TIME. In addition to costs and time, the landlord wanted additional rent money.
Here's the latest on Dharma (March 2011):
She's getting lots of love here and lots of play time. She still plays a little rough but we're working to train her. She loves everyone she meets-just a few days ago she met her first UPS man! Oh boy! He was very gracious and told her hello and gave her an ear scratch. She pouted for the rest of the night after he was gone :) "where's the extra human? Oh no! Less hands for tummy rubs!"

...she seems to be doing well-she's building up her muscle and her tiny tail is standing tall!. She can still be insecure when we leave, but we're continuing to build up her confidence by playing with her when we get home and before we leave. She's showered with attention between the two of us and our friends. We make sure she has a lot of toys to chew on-she's definitely a diva sometimes!

We love her to bits and are still so thankful to have her. She's a lap dog and spends her down time cuddling with us on the couch. She loves to stand across your lap-front legs on one side, back legs on the other. Gradually she'll sink down flying squirrel style until she's sleeping on your lap, ready to sense any movement.

Congrats on all of the adoptions. We check back regularly to see the awesome stories that you share and often wonder how some of the dogs we read about are doing. We're happy to add Dharma's update to the list!

Here's the initial report on Dharma: Greetings from Meghan Kit and Dharma! She traveled very well in the car thewhole way back and has been enjoying the exploration of a new place. She met all of our family yesterday and last night so needless to say she was very tired. She slept in the bed with Meghan last night! One of my co-workers bought a toy for her and she has only put it down to go outside and for her tennis ball. She absolutely LOVES playing fetch and it's hard to get her to come back inside! It's amazing that she'll bring the ball back and drop it at our feet. We did a 'trial run' and ran to the store and left her gated in the kitchen. Although she barked when we left, she didn't seem too upset when we came home. She was sleeping in the middle of the floor on her pillow. We were only gone a couple of hours. On a side note, she has yet to meet a stranger. We went to PetSmart last night and she went CRAZY at all the attention she received. She had several belly rubs (I think she tried to pull us toward every person she saw), and one employee even gave her a treat after getting her to lay down!