Rudy, now Lando - - ADOPTED!!!


Mark and Claire had all aready opened their heart and home to one rescue dog, a border collie named Solo. They wanted Solo to have a friend and fell in love with Rudy - except for his name. Following the Star Trek theme, Rudy is now Lando and doing quite well in in new digs.
Here's the latest about Lando from his family: (June 2011) We just wanted to give you an update on Lando. He is doing great and every day he gets even better. He gets along with every other dog / animal he meets. He is much more comfortable around people and is definitely coming out of his shell. So much so that the only problem we are having with him is barking, not being overly shy.
Note: Lando's family is moving from Kansas to Kentucky this summer.
Previously: Lando is doing very well. He loves his bed and the kennel is definitely his safe spot. He spends most of his time following us around the house and loooves treats. He is definitely a talker, but he crashed and burned last night and we didn't hear a peep from him at all. Can't wait until he relaxes a little more and really comes into his own.
Second update: Lando continues to adjust to his new home and daily schedule. He has gotten much more comfortable around us and the cats and continues to supervise Solo in all his exploits. We've even discovered that he loves to steal Solo's toys and put them in his crate when no one is looking! The funniest moment though was day before yesterday when the contractors next door were out working on the new house. Lando walked right up to the fence, stared at them a moment, barked his head off and then ran to hide behind Solo like "Can't get back at me behind this big guy!" It was super cute. He is still a little skittish about being touched when we're standing up and moving around, but he comes right up for petting time when we are sitting on the couch and can't get enough. We can't wait to see what the next week brings as he relaxes even more
Lando is about 5 years old and was picked up as a stray in SE Kansas. A young woman was kind enough to take him in and keep him until rescue could help.
Thanks Mark and Claire for loving Lando!