Corgi Connection Supporters


These are just a few of the many wonderful people who have supported Corgi Connection of Kansas in various ways.

We are grateful for any and all help we have received. Any omissions are purely unintentional.

From the bottom of our paws we thank you.

Amy Bernstein, Nanette Bisher Ellen and Sean O'Brien

The House of Pants: Bill, Peggy Medina, Scooter and Vespa honoring           Benny Corgipants and Biggie

Kevin and Kelly Johnston  Nora and Don Breniman

Roger and Traci Neitzel Jacques and Barbara Blackman

Donna and Jon DiToro  Sharon Rose  Jon Vawter Sue Castner  Sonya Dean  Taylor Mishoe 

Sue McKendry & Midge Noble  Beth Zentner  Jim Loader, Michael Chambers Gayle Rojas

Rita Woods Sallie Tonascia  Pete Romano

John Nooncaster  Yuri Paskar, Katie Pavel

Kim Lippelman  David Borel  Mark & Leah Hammar

Lisa Eickholt  Margaret Hazlett  Gale and Kenny Rock

Margaret McCorkendale  Tim Schneider  Lee Paulson

Dawn Munger  Veronica Jarque  Edna Kidwell 

Jennifer Loy  Patty Harrington, Lynn Roop

Wendy Perkins  Dallas Fane  Gisela Tidd  Nancy Forbes

Geary County Sheriff's Department Chad Miller  Anne Hazlett  Katherine Howard  Jo Richards

Eric and Lauranne Hess  Karen Kammerich  Gayle Rojas 

Kathy DeLara Phyllis Dodd  Virginia Besthoff

Linda Goldsmith  Maggie Blair  Nancy Myers

Kristen DeHart  Diane Erickson  Rebecca Lanier

Lisa Forbes  Judy Germany  Dianna DuVall

June Petersen  JD Olson  Mary Slagle

Richard, Beth Gunn, Lexi & Dylan  Adam Case, Jenna Yentes and Cosi

 Brandy Case Haub DeAnnette Harries Bradley Marx

Brooke Borel  Michelle Freeman Jeffery Hobbs ♥ Janette Bowles ♥ Mary Lou Griswold

♥ Chris & Holly Meyer ♥ DeAnnette Harries ♥ John & Donna DiToro ♥ Steven Douglas

Barbara & Dennis Garrett ♥ Steve & Marcia Gordon ♥ Ed & Marilyn Knapp ♥ Kevin & Robin Riggins ♥ Duane & Trudy Corkill 

Virginia Besthoff ♥ Kim Lippelman Tammy Holtmeier ♥ 





In loving memory of Perry Wiscombe:

Husband, father, corgi lover and much more.

Remembered by family, friends and colleagues:  R.C. & Judy Barackman; Joyce Brode; Arnold and Barbara Chonko; John and Joann Christian; Rebecca Gerry; E.S. Grice; Sandra Guy; Alicia Hansen; Cheryl Hunt; Brian and Megan Lasche; Carol and David Leligdon; David Levi; the Littler Mendelson Foundation; Barbara McNay; Nancy McNellis; Dennis and Gina Perz; Connie Ralston; Martha Riley; Cody Stokea; Ruthe Utt; Scott and Sheri Utt; Carlos Wagner; Mark and Heather Winiarski; Rebecca Woods, Jennifer Zaman and CBIZ Inc. 

 In memory of Janie Tassey Grant's beautiful Corgi, Sissy.
  Thank you for all you do. God Bless.  
Debbie Mariott


In memory of Calvin Maloney's beloved Hedge and Sadie.

Sharon Fraser

HedgeSadie memorial

In memory of Lucy, beloved corgi of Sheena Foye.

Eliza Lowe, Ashley Horne, Morgan Engels, Elizabeth Imhoff and Holly Kalemeris



Flint Hills Veterinary Hospital
2206 Prospect Circle

 Junction City, KS 66441


 RC Kennels

12344 Kennel Dr.

Junction City, KS 66441


Professional Pet Motel and Grooming Salon

Ron and Cathy Stopfer, owners


Amazon Smile - Shop and benefit Corgi Connection of Kansas

http :// smile . amazon . com / ch / 27 - 1297161




Order your Pet Food at and Corgi Connection of Kansas will get a $20 donation!

Order your Pet Food at and Corgi Connection of Kansas will get a $20 donation!