Benny C - ADOPTED!!!

Shiney coat Benny
 benny and family
jan 2011 
Shiney coat Benny

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What a wonderful way to start off the new year with a new home for Benny C!
Corgi Connection and foster parents, Susan and Bert couldn't be happier for Benny's future. He has a terrific home in Salina, KS with Peg and Bill, their 2 cats and a cockatiel. They are such a caring couple. Peg said as soon as she saw Benny on the internet she just knew that was the dog for them.
Here's the latest on Benny C:
He is doing amazing. I was bragging about well-behaved he was earlier in the week. However, I think he is feeling more comfortable, because he has been a little rowdy later this week. Tuesday or Wednesday, he found the space under the chain link where the neighborhood cats have been coming in and squeezed under the fence and whoo hoo! he found the candy store on the other side (cat poop!) and began gorging himself! Ha, ha, little stinker, he didn't want me stopping him. Anyway, I got the gaps temporarily closed up and the fence will get some work come nicer weather. We have been working some on kisses and when we went in, of course that was when he was wanting to give them.e...yu!
Last week, he did beautifully at obedience school, but this Thursday he was still feeling his oats and was a little stubborn. He still did very well, but we should probably make sure we get some homework in this week. He is getting used to the Doberman (Isis), but still growls when she gets close. Isis got tangled in a barb-wire fence and took a chunk out of her ear, so she and Benny were a pair Thursday.
The cats have been coming out, but they still like to hiss at Benny. Bill told Benny, NO when Benny went after one of them and now Benny totally ignores them. In fact, he turns his head if they come in the room. Bill wasn't mean at all, just firm, but Benny is pretty sensitive.
He loves Bill and we like to go through the drive-thru at Bill's restaurant. (Gourmet to Go) which is just down the street. I roll down the back window and Benny sits up at the window & they give him a dog-treat. No wonder, he likes to go in the car. He's finally figured out how to get in and out of the car.
And this is an earlier report on Benny:
He sheds, he snores, he farts, but we think we'll keep him. :)
Last night Bill was sitting on the floor with him and I was on the love seat. He just took a leap up on the loveseat, plopped down on/next to me and after a couple of "toots" went to sleep and began snoring. I said, "Bill, I think he's comfortable here. I got up and then he just stretched out and took over the loveseat. In general, I think he is doing great. The real danger, I think, is him becoming spoiled rotten. We are crazy about him all ready. By the way, thanks very much to both of you. I know you two already did the hard work with him and we are getting to reap the rewards.
A harsh dose of reality hit Corgi Connection of Kansas the week of Nov. 8 when it was asked to take a corgi from a puppy mill. All we were told was it was an older male with a nose/lip injury that was old.
Imagine the shock when we received a dog with half its nose and a rather large piece of its lip missing! It was disturbing at first to say the least. Let it be clear however that he is perfectly capable of eating, drinking and chewing. He has no special physical needs. This beautiful sable male corgi has been named Benny C, in honor of a childhood friend who had a facial deformity and went on to serve our county and lead a very productive life. Benny C was injured when he was just a puppy by an adult dog. The breeder told authorities he was not treated for the injury.