Miss Tillie from Dodge City now in Loveland, CO


 Tillie and Oso

Tillie ended up at the shelter in Dodge City, KS. After some terrific foster care by Kristyn and Darren, Tillie is now at home
Here are first reports on Tillie from her new family (March 2011)
We are amazed. It seems as though Tillie has always been here. She and Oso began frapping just about an hour after we arrived home. This morning they had so much fun running outside, they wore themselves out. Just after the kids went upstairs to get ready for bed, the dogs started playing with each other again this evening. All is well! She also picked up the meal time "sit & release" quickly. I believe she has been the easiest dog to train. Thank you for meeting us. Please share with Kristyn and Darren our appreciation as well. She is just fabulous!
April 2011:
All is well here in Loveland. Everyone is still getting along. Tillie has so much energy that we are working hard to keep her busy with daily walks, play and several chew toys.
Tillie WAS a little timid upon first introductions with people, but that didn't last long as she quickly came around to be everyone's friend. She is a petite Corgi, weighing less than 25 pounds and she has a longer "stub" than most corgis; just gives her more personality.
Thank you Phoebe, Dave and family for giving this girl a safe and loving home. CCK looks forward to many reports to follow.