Introducing the formerly shy Corgi now known as Danny!

Snow Ruben2
Danny - first new home photo 3-21-11
 May 2011

"He's so adorable, I could not love him more!
That's the latest report on this handsome boy from his new home.
Once called Ruben, this puppy mill boy is now Danny and is making his home in Austin, Tx. But that's not the best news: Danny is joining a family that has previously adopted from Corgi Connection, joining another former puppy mill corgi, Ruby, now called Roo!
Danny will also have 2 other dogs to learn from: Tippy and the ever-so-gentle, Sugar.
A fellow rescuer was saving basset hounds at a dog auction when this petite Corgi came up for auction. No one was bidding on him and they said he would be euthanized if not purchased, so the rescuer bought him for $5.
Ruben is a timid male and only weighs about 18 pounds. Ruben is 6 years and came with all his "papers."
Here's an update on Dan: He is doing great. He still sometimes will look off into space and think about life, and I like to think he's remembering you. He is such a good dog! He has taken some steps back regarding housebreaking, but I am so pleased with how he behaves, comes to his name, and loves to be cuddled. He climbs into my lap corgi style and snuggles up for hugs. He loves to go on looooooooooong walks. I thought he would be afraid of all the trees and bushes, but he doesn't mind them. He seems to really like his name because he smiles when he hears it, and comes over right away. He and the others get along great! Mostly, he likes to lay in his little bed and be still. But the world around him is moving fast, and I think pretty soon he will want to catch up with it.
Grace, CCK thanks you from the bottom of its heart for opening your heart to this special boy. Thanks also to your great mother Alison for making the trip with you, allowing us to see Roo once again! CCK has no doubt Danny has a very bright future.