Katie: In the Special Home She Deserves

Katie in foster 1
Katie in foster2
Katies in foster3

Katie came in to the shelter with a laceration to her throat that literally allowed water to run out a hole in her throat when she drank. The local Humane Society had her treated to the best of its finances and contacted Corgi Connection to place her in to rescue.
After about a week it became clear that Katie's injury was going to require additional treatment as the extent of damage had never really been determined. Three veterinarians' opinions later it was decided to take Katie to Kansas State University to a soft-tissue specialist. She underwent surgery to repair the whole in the back of her mouth which led out her throat and have her esophagus repaired. She came through with flying colors and no further medical care is expected for her injury.
Katie is now a part of the family with Harold and Jackie in Ponca City, Ok., and their rescue corgi, Flash, who is now Katie's best friend and miniature pom, Pooh Bear who is probably wondering what all the rukus is about!
Katie's health is good and her attitude even better. She is finally getting to be the loved pet she should have been all along. Thank you Jackie and Harold for opening your hearts and home to this very special girl!
Here are early reports from Katie's new family:
Well, we are sure she is the right dog for us! We feel that we are very blessed to have Katie, Flash, and Pooh Bear. Our little family is complete!
Katie and Flash are now fast friends. When one goes outside, the other goes. They tear through the house chasing one another, and they relax together. They are never far apart. They are fine with Pooh Bear, though he keeps himself slightly aloof, which is his style. The first night Katie happily went into her kennel. She and Flash can see each other, and that seems to satisfy them both. They love playing on the deck, and I can't wait to see them running all over the yard soon. We're working on that. It should be done within the next week or so. Katie loves to sit on our laps. She is a snuggler, and so are the others, so laps can get quite full!