Maddie - No More Living Outside

Maddie Boo LeRoy
Maddie and Boo
Maddie and pupster

Maddie is a 2-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi that had 6 puppies earlier this year. For whatever reason the family decided to give away all the puppies and Maddie for free.
When the family first got Maddie she was an indoor dog and for some reason was banished to the outside.
In order to ensure Maddie's future a concerned citizen stepped in and took Maddie and the last remaining puppy. Corgi Connection was contacted about Maddie and the rest is history. She is a very sweet dog with people and other pets.
It didn't take long for applications to come in for Maddie and after careful consideration, Maddie is now living in Sioux City, IA with her new "brother" - Boo and parents LeRoy and Shirlee. They made the long drive from Northern Iowa to NC Kansas just to get this little girl and give her a wonderful home.
Maddie's owners are just crazy about her as she and Boo keep them enterained with their antics. Twice daily walks keep everyone healthy and happy as well. Boo is also somewhat of a rescue having been given up by his previous owners and very under socialized.
Thank you Shirlee and LeRoy for providing Maddie with a safe, loving home and your committment to both of your dogs.
The pup, a corgi-heeler mix was also taken in by Corgi Connection and adopted before she was even posted on the website by Christine and Chris who had previously applied for a corgi through CCK. Her name is Roo and she is living in Southcentral Kansas where she has 3 other siblings and lots of room to run.