Out of the Shelter and in to a Wonderful Home - Meet Kevin

Kevin and family 2 

The result of a divorce, Kevin, his real name, found himself at a shelter. After having been a much-wanted pet, Kevin was banished to being only an outdoor dog and apparently was attacked by the neighbor's dogs.
The owner chose to surrender Kevin to the shelter after he had all ready been through "the system" once.
Kevin was a bit puzzling at first but who wouldn't be after what he had been through. We was uncertain and sometimes lashed out at those around him.
First-time corgi owners, but not new to short dogs, Amber and Lee fell in love in Kevin. They had bassets and dachshunds but Amber just knew Kevin was the dog for them. Even Daisy, their senior basset seems to think so!

Kevin is the sweetest, best-behaved dog I have ever owned, and we absolutely ADORE him!!! I've been reading a book on Corgis, and apparently they are generally playful and energetic. However, Kevin's quiet, gentle nature is a perfect fit in our home. And Daisy is also learning to appreciate his gentle demeanor. Yesterday a friend brought over his pugs, and Kevin played with them in the back yard for awhile. But they were too rambunctious for his taste, and he was happy to come back indoors and sit with me. Right now he is sleeping on the cool tile floor in our entryway.
I gave Kevin a bath this morning, and he tolerated it well. I will have to get a rubber mat so he feels more secure in the tub . Sarah did a great job teaching Kevin to walk on a leash , and we haven't encountered any difficulties. I'm so pleased that I can take Daisy and Kevin on walks together! Kevin is eating well, but is picky about his treats (as Sarah had mentioned) . He definitely enjoys dried chicken strips, and I'm working with him on "sit" and "down". Kevin is such a smart little boy! He figured out how to use the dog door in a day!
I'm taking vacation tomorrow so we can enjoy another 3-day weekend together. He prefers sleeping on our bed at night, and I enjoy cuddling with him. I was reading that Corgis enjoy the water, so we may get a little wading pool he can play in. He enjoys following me around when I'm watering the flowers, cooking or whatever. And Kevin enjoys watching the street from our front door. If anybody walks by, he lets me know!
I just wanted to let you know that Kevin has brought us even more joy than we'd imagined! Lee absolutely dotes on him, and I'm not much better. He is such a darling little boy. Kevin was truly meant to be in our family, and I am so grateful to both of you for helping us find each other. "
Amber and Lee; we think you're just darling for giving Kevin such a wonderful home.