Become a Foster

Corgi Connection of Kansas is a small, all-volunteer based rescue, located in Milford, KS. Vital to achieving its goal of rescuing Corgis are the foster people who open their homes and hearts to the Corgis that oftentimes do not know how to behave in a loving home environment.

CCK has a variety of foster homes with varied backgrounds, but the bottom line is all persons in each foster home are committed to making that foster dog the best it can be in hopes of finding it a permanent loving home like their own.

CCK is seeking additional foster homes in the Kansas area only. In order to oversee each foster dog's care, CCK believes the foster homes need to be reasonably close to the Junction City-Manhattan area.

Once a dog is placed in a foster home, CCK keeps in close contact with its foster homes either through e-mail, phone calls or home visits. We do not put a dog in foster care and forget it! Oftentimes founder, Jeanette DeMars takes time from work to take foster dogs to veterinarian appointments, grooming or even to work with her if the dog needs a little extra attention.

If you think you might like to foster a Corgi through Corgi Connection please read through information on the page "Breed Information" of this website to learn more about Corgis. Corgis can be dominant dogs despite their size and if given the opportunity will take charge. Also keep in mind Corgis that come through rescue are not perfect. They have often have had stressful lives filled with neglect and sometimes abuse or they've been displaced from the only family they've known. So if you think fostering is just about having a cute dog come to stay at your house for a while - it rarely is - at least for the first few weeks. They often have "accidents" because they either aren't house-broke to begin with, they are stressed from the change in environment or they don't know which door to go to be let outside. They can be timid or shy and not want to interact much. They may not know how to go for a walk on a leash or interact with other dogs. Those are the types of issues fosters may take on when bringing a rescue Corgi in their home.

Some typical aspects CCK looks for in foster homes include: previous dog experience; type of home and yard (a fenced yard is almost always a necessity); work schedule of people in the house; other pets; children; other members of the household and willingness to work with a dog to make it available to another home on a permanent basis.

Does it costs to be a foster? Typically CCK expects the foster to provide the rescue Corgi with food, flea/tick preventative and treats. Anything above and beyond that such as heart-worm preventative is provided by CCK but greatly appreciated if the foster home can provide it instead. Once a home and owner is approved to be a foster for CCK an agreement is signed outlining the responsibilities of the foster and of CCK.

If you are interested in fostering for CCK, please contact Jeanette DeMars for more information.