Chief: Out of an outside kennel and into a home!

Just Chief
Chief and family Sept. 2011
Happy Chief

This fantastic, cuddly, handsome boy didn't even make it to the list as being adoptable. His foster mom and dad fell in love with him on day one.
Chief, or Chiefy and he's fondly referred to, is what we in the rescue business call a "failed foster!" But in this case, failure is good - except for the fact that you sometimes lose a great foster home because of it.
Recent visits with Chief shows him lovin' life and being around people.
Chief started his life with his first family at about the age of 8 weeks and was at first an inside dog. Children and other priorities forced the family to move Chief to an outside dog run where he has been at least the past 2 years of his life. Chief is now 4-1/2
With an absolutely adorable personality and a rich red coat, Chief is just about impossible not to fall in love with.
He really just wanted to be with someone and now he has Gale, who takes him to work frequently; Kenny, who tried to resist and 3 dog siblings, one of which is a Cardigan Corgi - Molly and 4 felines. AND he can sleep on the bed if he wants!
He gets along well with his new buddies but REALLY enjoys him mom and dad!
CCK couldn't be happier for this dog. Thanks Gale and Kenny for opening your hearts and home to yet another rescue!