The name is Maxwell. My previous owners think I turned 1 sometime in December so I guess I'm a year and a half old. They didn't have paperwork to send with me, so Corgi Connection of Kansas got me all fixed up on vaccinations, heart-worm and flea/tick preventative. Then I was "tutored." I don't know what that means, but I took a nap at the veterinarian's office and when I woke up, something was missing! I got pretty sick after that, but CCK has got me back on track and I am trying to gain a little bit of weight. Maxwell is a little on the tall side for a corgi and a bit long. It will be important that he not be allowed to get too heavy.

Right now, Maxwell is being fostered with 2 other corgis, both 2 years old. He is doing quite well with both of them. Occasionally he does get a little too rough and they have to remind him, but he takes their "correction" well. Maxwell plays hard, even by corgi standards. He likes to watch (stalk) the other corgis and then run up on them for a nip or "grab."  He is a busy boy and very much enjoys being outside where there are rabbits to chase and squirrels to scare away, or just chase the other corgis around the yard. He has a very big dog bark also. 

He doesn't seem too interested in cats and he does very well in his crate. He is mostly house-trained, but if left alone in a house, he should probably be restricted to a smaller area, such as the kitchen. Right now he uses a doggy door. 

Maxwell LOVES to go for walks and does quite well on a leash. The couple of times we have met other dogs; he barked once and the next time didn't react. He also loves car rides.

He would be fine as an only dog or with another very tolerant dog of rough play. He is a real sweetheart and deserves to have a family that will keep him the rest the days of his life.

Maxwell's adoption fee is $300 and he is micro-chipped also. He is available now for the right home. We will give most consideration to applicants that have a fenced yard and can offer Maxwell lots of exercise, training and love.

If you are interested, submit an application through this link: