Crosby turns 1 on June 3 and all he wants for his birthday is the perfect furr-ever home! Crosby's owner passed away unexpectedly and the family member who "inherited" him was not able to properly care for him due to his own disabilities.

 Here's what his foster parents have to say about him. Please read the details carefully.

  • He is a sweetheart
    • We do love the little guy
    • We enjoy him and his energy
    • He demonstrates that he is nearly 12 month old puppy daily
  • He is a very busy boy.   
    • He remains a high energy boy
    • He does not handle boredom in the house well.  He will find things to entertain himself if not engaged or provided activities
      • He has started chewing bones a lot more. That can keep him busy for a while
    • He has learned to jump on chairs and then tables. We have to be very careful to slide all chairs back under the table or while you are not looking, he will jump up.
    • He LOVES to chew on paper.  Napkins are a favorite
    • He hasn’t chewed on normal things like shoes (which we are good with)
  • He likes to be outside and can entertain himself for a while
    • He does like to chew on small sticks. We try to be diligent to get them picked up but he is good at finding them
    • He is great at engaging both our 2 corgis in romping outside (and inside)
  • He loves being with people
  • He has a strong internal clock
    • He pretty much crashes at 9 PM,  I have taken him for a walk after 9 and he is willing to go but you have to be 100% engaged with him to keep him awake.  I don’t know about you but by 9 I kind of want to unwind so I t is hard to keep him going.
    • He wakes up @ 5:45 AM pretty much, even if you kept him up past 9.  If you keep him up he is a little quieter in the AM.
    • The good news is his crate is in another room so his cries aren’t that loud but if someone keeps him in their room and expects to sleep to 7-8 AM every, they maybe disappointed  
  • Things we have been able to train him on:
    • He now clearly knows his name
    • He can sit
    • He is good at going in the crate
    • He is a very good walker
      • We do a 15-minute walk in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. He probably would go longer if the others and I were willing. At 30 lbs, Crosby is a good-size corgi, but not overweight. He should not be allowed to get much heavier.
  • What we are working on
    • Down- He likes to jump on us
    • Play biting. He really wants to play and will maw our hands and arms. When he starts, we quickly get him to stop and introduce a toy which he generally responds to. I suspect this will just take time.

 Thoughts on what we think would be a good home for him

    •  He needs to be with people a lot.  A work from home person would be best. He would not enjoy/nor to be fun to be around if he was crated for 8-9 hours regularly.
    •  I think he would do well in household with another patient dog
      •  He can be a bit of a pest/get in the other dogs faces to encourage them to play
    •  Someone that wants to go for long walks and/or do some agility training would be good
  •  He needs a house with several options for stimulation, toys in the house/good time outside

 Crosby is being fostered in Lawrence, KS. We DO adopt out of state but we do not ship our dogs. His adoption fee is $300. He is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations.

If you are interested, submit your application through this link: