Bacall. That's right. That's my name!

I'm going to be 2 in September and I'm still not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up.

Bacall 2So my first home is where my mom and dad live and they had a litter of pups. The owners didn't sell all my siblings, including me so they put me on something called Craigs List and I ended up in this wonderful woman's home with a young boy, who I adore - except when he gets rowdy. If he's shouting or throwing things around, likes kids do, I get scared and have to find a place to hide. I just love him all the other times, like when he's laying on the couch watching TV. There's another dog in the house and we get along just fine. I'm a little bit on the small size for a corgi also - about 20 pounds.

I'm kind of socially awkward. I guess I haven't been out in the public much. I'm also needing some reinforcement on house-training. My foster mom has worked really hard to get me to understand about going outside to go potty and not come back in until I'm done. THEN I can play. I think a stringent routine will help me get better. I would also like to have people around more often. My foster mom sometimes works long hours, so I have some long, more lonely days until she and the little boy come home.

I seem to really well with other dogs, so a fur-sibling would probably be good.

My adoption fee is $300. I've been spayed. I'm current on vaccinations and got one of then chips in me that tells you who I belong to if I get lost. They also give me monthly medicine to keep those nasty fleas, heartworm and other critters away.

If you think you can be my furr-ever home, please fill out an application through this link: