The first thing you'll notice about Frodo is he has heterochromia - one blue eye and one brown eye. There's nothing wrong with him, it just adds to his personality.

This sweet boy was somebody's best friend but sharing him with young children was just too much for Frodo. Young busy children make him anxious. He would be ok with older kids (<10) but ideally, maybe just an active retired couple would suite him just fine. He's a bit on the chunky side, so some long daily walks would be good for him.

Frodo turns 5 in June. He seems to quite well with dogs his own size. His foster brother doesn't play much, so we're not sue if he would play with another dog or is just happy to have another dog around. ;) He can be quite anxious adjusting to new environments but once he finds "his" person, he settles in quite nicely. Frodo is house-trained but absolutely despised being put in a crate. He rides well in the car also.

Frodo is neutered, has had his teeth cleaned, is current on vaccinations, micro-chiped and has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. His adoption fee is $300 and he is available now.

If you are interested in adopting use this link and fill out the application: