Super Cooper is not your typical looking corgi. He runs on the XXL size but he can be one of the sweetest boys. He will do best as an only dog. He has lived with a cat and didn't pay any attention. When other dogs are involved he

gets way too excited and becomes "overly enthusiastic."
We don't know a lot about Cooper's history except that he was purchased as a pup by a family who probably didn't really know how to "handle" a corgi.
At some point during his relatively short life, he suffered a tear to both cruciate ligaments in his back legs. Unfortunately, his owners either never had it diagnosed or chose not to treat but rather were treating him for arthritis. Our belief is that constant pain and the previous owners lack of knowledge turned him into a bit of a bully and they let him get away with it.
Cooper had surgery last summer to repair the bi-lateral cruciate tears and has recovered well. He needs to lose a few pounds and stay trim. He does have some trouble getting up on slick surfaces but always finds a way.
This soon to be 6 year old boy needs a patient, kind and understanding and experienced owner that will work with him on his anxiousness and attempts at running the show. He would make a great companion despite some of his quirks as he wants to be near someone.
He LOVES to go for walks and does very well on a leash. He is probably good to walk at least a mile twice a day. He loves attention but will grumble at times so it's time to stop petting him.
He is current on his vaccinations; has been microchipped; is neutered and current on heart-worm and flea/tick prevention. His adoption fee is $250.
We do NOT recommend Cooper to anyone with young children. He has NOT bitten anyone that we are aware but his grumbling could potentially scare little ones.
If you are interested in this handsome boy please submit an application through this link: