Roxie: Out of the garage and livin' large in the "big city!"

Happy girl - Aug. 2011
Roxie 6-19-11

When Corgi Connection was contacted about taking Roxie it didn't sound like too desperate of situation. However after hearing she had already had 2 litters of puppies, just turned 2 and still hadn't been spayed, it seemed a little more urgent. Roxie was still being kept with a male dog that hadn't been neutered!
She and the other dog were being kept in the garage in crates when they were outside. When asked why the Roxie wasn't allowed inside he said he really didn't know why as she was a pretty good girl!
Roxie quickly proved to be a very sweet girl and caught the eye of Cristina and David in Pittsburgh, PA. Distance didn't seem to matter. Cristina just knew Roxie was the dog for her.
After a 2-day drive: this was Cristina's first report:
We got home last night and we can now officially say she was a good girl the entire ride!
Today i took her for a walk around the neighborhood and she was a super good girl....there was a bird in a driveway and she did lunge towards it a bit, but with hardly any then flew away and when i called her name she actually came over to continue her walk...she sniffed everything and was a very happy girl when we came back home.
I also took her line and put it around a tree while I did some stuff in the garden and she was a *very* happy's really nice here today and she was very content to sit in the sun and let the wind blow through her fur...she was smiling pretty much the entire was a little ridiculous how cute she was
As far as just being home she seems to be adjusting well....she is a total velcro dog and we love it!! she's found a couple of spots that she likes to hang out in when we're not doing something fun (aka when we're both on the computer...she does this funny thing where she'll keep going back and forth between me and david to see what we're doing then if one of us starts doing something not interesting she'll follow only the fun one around...and then if we're both not doing something interesting she seems to go either to her kennel or kind of hangs out somewhere.
Update: today roxie started playing! she's been kind of playing with toys since last thursday-ish but hasn't had a full on doggie play session either with herself or one of us...until today! after her walk she was jumping and running with me and even fetched a ball! she was so happy and energetic.
CCK is so happy for Roxie and her new family. Now she gets to know what it's liked to be a loved member of the family and she even has her own e-mail to stay in touch with CCK!
Thank you David and Cristina for opening your hearts and home to this terrific little corgi!