Hey, hey, hey...whatcha doing???? Can I do it with you?

My name's Kevin and I love just about everything and everybody. I want to play RUFF, run hard, go for long walks, sit with my person and be loved. I just turned 1 year old Aug. 1, 2021.

I don't think my last family knew what to do with me and my energy so I spent a lot of time in my crate. I don't mind my crate, I go in at night but I'd really like to be free to hang with dogs and people. The small people in my last family took up a lot of time and I was a little too rambunctious for them. I also would have accidents inside. I'm doing a lot better but still kind of want to leave a "mark" inside sometimes. My foster mom scolds me so I don't do it too much.

In December I had a bad fall and I hurt really bad. The Dogtor said I had a long oblique fracture of right tibia. I had to wear this big hard thing on my leg for like EVER. I didn't have to have surgery and it does not seem to bother me any more. When I got to my foster home, my bum was kind of bald and it's embarrassing to say but kind of red too. It itched and I couldn't help it. I probably also lost a lot of hair on my lower sides but it is growing back. The nice Dogtor thought maybe it was from something I slept in but she's not sure and I don't really know either. I got some pills and I'm doing a lot better. 

In July I went to the Dogtor where I took a nap and while I was asleep someone took some things from me. They said it was called getting neutered. I got all my shots and a microchip. A few weeks ago I got a bloodtest for heartworms and I don't have any of those. I really don't like being held to get those things done; even to have my nails trimmed. It took THREE people to hold me and get it done. My foster mom hopes I'll get better about that as I learn to let people hold and love me more.

I play really hard with my foster sister and sometimes she gets pissed at me but I don't argue with her. I do not however like any other dogs to come around MY toys. I usually give a quick snap and growl, but I've never gone after anyone. That's why it's kind of hard to say if I should be an only dog in my new home or have a sibling that is pretty lo-key. If I'm an only dog I think some days at doggy day care would be great so I can make friends.

My foster mom says I'm "rough around the edges" and need a new family that will teach me things; take me to obedience classes and learn how to be a really good for someone that will give me lots of time to use my energy!

If you think you could be that person; here's the place to fill out an application:

Kevin's adoption fee is $300.