Luna is an adorable 1-year-old baby girl that is deaf. She is one of the “Fab Four” corgis Corgi Connection of Kansas took in over the summer from a breeder. She’s on the small side, weighing in at 18 lbs, but her ears are on the larger side!

PERSONALITY: Luna is very sociable and has a typical puppy personality – alert and curious. She loves to be petted and cuddled and loves to be near her person. She has been living in a group with 4 other corgis and enjoys running and wrestling with another young corgi in the group. She will solicit attention from us without being demanding or clingy. She will pick up a stuffed toy from time to time and is learning to play with them.

HEALTH: Luna bears the “double-merle” gene, which is apparent from her pink skin, pale fur and eyes.

She is deaf, although she does appear to hear certain noises and pitches. For instance, she does not hear when we snap our fingers behind her ears, but if we snap our fingers to the side or front she seems to hear something. She also appears to hear certain pitches at times, so we are unsure how much hearing loss there is. Corgis with the double-merle gene are prone to health issues during their lives, and her health will need to be monitored closely as she grows. Luna underwent spay surgery while with her foster family with no complications.

When Luna sleeps, she sleeps very soundly. She does not hear the doorbell when it rings, nor does she hear the general commotion when the other 4 corgis begin to bark their heads off about it. She has fallen asleep in the yard under shrubs occasionally which has caused some panic about her whereabouts.

SOCIALIZATION: Luna is moderately territorial about her food and her crate. Once she became comfortable and settled in, we began to see more instances of resource guarding. She also has a rather large “personal space bubble” around her crate and will lunge and snarl at anyone she feels has gotten too close. There have been a couple instances where she has snapped at the others outside her crate, but they seemed to be warnings only. That said, she enjoys running and wrestling with the younger corgis in our home and will play happily for long periods of time. Because of the hearing issue, she does not hear the others when she is overbearing and they try to warn her, so we monitor their play closely.

She enjoys meeting people when she is out and does not mind being petted and fussed over by strangers. She has been exposed to children for a short period and did well. We do not know how she would do with cats.

TRAINING: Luna will go outside with the others and will occasionally go to the door and ask to be let out, but also still has the occasional accident in the house. She rides in the car well. She crates without fuss (although she does not hear the command to “crate up”), and will self-crate when she needs a nap. She walks on a leash well, but has not gone for long walks yet due to her spay surgery and the summer heat this year. She is learning some sign language as well.

OVERALL: Luna is a darling baby girl who would thrive in the right forever home. She would like an active lifestyle with someone who has likes a cuddly but not clingy friend. Because of the hearing issue, she might be best with a playful, friendly but mellow dog who can act as a “guide” to help her navigate her new environment. She would need someone experienced with corgis to continue working on the resource / territory guarding tendency.

Her adoption fee is $300.