Izzy was purchased from a breeder after her days of pumping out puppies were done. She is 7 years old. The family that purchased her were not prepared for some of the special considerations of a dog that comes from breeding. 

She has now been with her foster mom for about 4 weeks and this is what her foster mom has to report:

-CUDDLES AND KISSES, cannot get enough and makes squeaks to show her appreciation
-Any type of attention in general
-Walkies - such a good girl on the leash
-Her kennel - I rarely "lock" her in there anymore (had to a couple of times since her surgery), but she likes the comfort of it and will sit in it with the door open. 
-Meeting new adults - happy little clam at my Dads and when we went to the puppy store to get her nails trimmed, same at the vet. 
-She has taken a liking to kleenex and q-tips in the trash...little stinker.  I also found her chewing on her leash. Not horrible destructive or anything (I have shoes everywhere and she has never touched those) but something to note to new owner. 
-Loud noises
-Foster brother coming close to food
My fave things about her
-She doesn't beg! Crazy, right? We are sure she is a corgi! 
-She wouldn't hurt a fly
-I joke that she would be the nosey lady in the neighborhood - super enthusiastic and happy all the time! And a bit nosy-needs to see what is going on all the time
-Sleeps through the night - not a peep!
-Pretty independent..yes she loves attention, but she isn't overly needy about it. I understand why her last family said she wasn't engaged - I honestly think most of it was because she is just an independent little gal
-Rarely barks. A couple jealousy barks and doesn't like it when I put her in the backyard and I am in the front
Izzy is still a work in progress and we expect her to become more outgoing and possibly a little more ornery. We are looking for an experience owner and probably best with no children of any age. We do NOT konw about cats and do think she would do best as an only dog or with another that doesn't really care.
Her adoption fee is $300. She has been spayed and is current on vaccinations.