"CeCe 101" as told by her fosters:

CeCe lapCeCe is a darling, super-sweet, well-mannered 3 ½ year old female tri-colored girl. She was spotted at a state lake/park running loose, was caught and brought into rescue when she was not claimed. She was then discovered to be heartworm-positive. This is when Corgi Connection of Kansas stepped up to take her in and arrange for treatment.

 PERSONALITY: CeCe has an active, bright and alert personality. She loves to be petted and cuddled and loves to be near her person. Her favorite thing in the entire world seems to be a lap. If she sees a lap, whether empty or occupied, or even if she spots a lap “about to happen”, she will be there wanting to be cuddled. She can be a bit demanding about being petted while being held, which sometimes makes it a bit difficult to use a cell phone safely (for the phone!) while she is asking for attention. She is persistent without being aggressive.

SOCIALIZATION: Cece has been living in a group with 4 other corgis, both male and female. She likes the others to respect her “space” when she is with her person, and will indicate when her boundaries have been breached by growling softly. She has only snapped a couple times, with a young adolescent male corgi who was likely overly-rambunctious and probably deserved it. Otherwise the growling is somewhat like a purr – just a steady soft complaint. Because of this, we feel CeCe would do best as an only dog. She enjoys playing with the others and loves to run and race around the yard with them, which she is only allowed to do on a very limited basis due to her heartworm treatment and the need to keep her quiet. She has been exposed to children and did well, although she does prefer adults. She has not shown much interest in toys.

CeCe upTRAINING: CeCe is house trained and we have not known her to have an accident inside. Her recall is spotty and mainly dependent on whether there is something more interesting that has caught her attention. She crates quietly and without fuss. She loves to go for car rides, especially if the destination is a drive-thru window with treats. She would prefer to ride on the driver’s lap, so she rides with a harness and “seatbelt.” She walks on a leash without fuss, although due to her heartworm treatment and the need to be kept calm her walks have been very limited. We do not expect any lingering health issues from the heartworms/treatment, but it will be EXTREMELY important to keep her on HW preventative the rest of her life.

HEALTH: CeCe has completed her treatment for heartworms. The current protocol will end in October, when she will be ready for a final culture to be drawn to determine if the treatment was
successful and she is heartworm-free. There have been no complications or illness noted during the treatment. 

OVERALL: CeCe is a very pretty, adorable girl who would thrive in the right forever home. She would like an active lifestyle with someone who has plenty of cuddles to share

CeCe's adoption fee is $300.