Miss Winnie is 5 years old and is a "spokesperson" for "Wag Watchers." She came to Corgi Connection of Kansas weighing a whopping 42 pounds and had a torn cruciate. Her owner gave her up to the veterinarian that had been treating her because s/he could not afford the surgery to repair the tear.

Lucky for Winnie, the veterinarian contacted CCK and we didn't think twice about taking her into our rescue. Her fosters got some weight off of her prior to surgery and she came through surgery with an A+ She had her last check up and has been cleared for normal activity. It is VERY important that Winnie not be allowed to get heavy again to maintain a healthy life.

Winnie is very affectionate, loves to cuddle, and is the most likely to greet you at the door with wiggles and kisses.  Her default "love me" behavior is still to flop dramatically on her back.  She loves to go for daily walks but if the weather gets too hot she may also flop down in protest!

In typical corgi fashion, she hates things like the vacuum cleaner, blow dryer and the water sprinkler.  She is ok with other dogs as long as she gets to be alpa. If there is another dog in the house, it's probably best to be a lo-key male who doesn't mind a bossy female.

Winnie has displayed some resource guarding issues and her fosters have worked with her on that but she will still occasionally fall back to the old behavior. Because of these behaviors, Winnie will NOT be placed in a home with young children (<12). She needs an experienced owner who will continue working on her behaviors and perhaps best with a more advanced trainer.

Winnie is current on vaccinations, heartworm, flea and tick preventative and is microchipped. Her adoption fee is $300. If you think you can give Winnie just the right home, feel free to submit an application for consideration through this link: