Butters...Mr. Butters for those that care to be a bit more formal.

Butters1I was surrendered to a small rural shelter in Oklahoma by the people who bought me because I guess I was just too much energy for them. Heck, I don't really know why they left me there. But I was only there a couple of days when this really nice guy got me outta there! Boy was I glad. He took him to his house where there was another dog, kinda like me and a really nice lady. They told me the "dog of the house" really didn't care much for "guests" and to be on my best behavior. But ya know what? I won that ol' coot over and
Butters1 now we play!

My foster parents say I'm just a real sweetheart. And my paperwork says I'm a corgi-Aussie mix and just turned 2 years old. I went to the hospital and they told me it was so I wouldn't be a daddy. It didn't hurt much and I'm all better. I get pills once a month to keep away those darn fleas and heart-worms away. I also have a micro-chip so if I get lost I my family will be contacted. I hope that doesn't happen!

I'd really like to have a fenced yard so I could RUN. I have A LOT of energy and someone said I might be a good boy for agility. I don't know what that is, but I'd try! I would be an even better boy with some basic obedience training which would also let me get to know my new family better, quicker. I am house-trained.

I don't like much being left alone in my crate. I can raise a real ruckus. So if my new family could have someone around more often, I'd be real happy! I haven't been around little kids but I'm pretty excitable and might decide to herd them, so it's probably best my new family doesn't have any little uprights. The older ones that don't run and scream might be ok.

In addition to a fenced yard, I'd love to have another friendly dog to play with. I don't know about those things called cats though.

If you'd like to be considered to adopt me, there's an application to fill out through this link:


My adoption fee is $300.