Barry the Big Boy has a Furrever Home With a Big Heart

Barry obedience
Before-after Nov. 2011
Professional Barry 9-18-11
Feb. 2012

After A LOT of dedication from Barry's foster mom- Sarah, we decided to send Barry to his forever home weighing in at about 52 pounds. That was after more than 3 months of twice daily walks, a close watch on food intake and pumpkin for a treat.
Barry started out only being able to walk about 3 doors down and back. He is now up to a mile or more and is weighing in at just over 50 pounds.
His new family, Sarah and Jim have made sure to continue Barry's weight loss journey so that he may live a longer healthier life. It didn't take long for Barry to make himself at home with them either.
Here's a bit of Barry's journey:
9-2-11 Upate: Barry is weighing in at just under 55 pounds!!!!!
7-28-11 Update: 1 more pound off Barry - 61. His stamina continues to increase and he enjoys his walks.
7-22-11 Update: 62.2 pounds!
Barry weighs 63.6 pounds and his personality continues to evolve as he feels more energetic! He's quite the typical corgi; wanting to chase, be the boss and tell his foster mom all about it. We expect more developments in his personality as he continues to lose weight.
UPDATE: Barry weighed 64 pounds on June 29!!!!!
When Corgi Connection was contacted by this dog's owners about placing him in rescue, I was reluctant. Again, wanting to concentrate on corgis in shelters, puppy mills and not those living in a nice home. However, space happened to be available and the owners seemed somewhat desperate as they were leaving the state July 1 and just couldn't take their dog with them.
I knew Barry was overweight, but I had NO IDEA just how bad it was until we took him out of the car and out of his crate. 70 pounds bad is what it was.
The more I talked with the owners, the more convinced I was that this dog needed rescue all right- rescue from his owners! I am certain if he had remained in their care for another 6-12 months he would have died at the ripe ol' age of 3-1/2. And so Barry came in to Corgi Connection where we have discovered he is a very sweet boy who loves people.
TOP PHOTO: Barry at obedience
SECOND PHOTO: From June to November 2011
THIRD PHOTO: Just before adoption
FOURTH PHOTO: Snow Feb. 2012 and he's at 40 pounds!